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Sweeten your Christmas with Quitapenas wines

Christmas is approaching and in the preparations for these holidays you cannot miss the Quitapenas wines at your table.

We enter the month of December and with it, the preparations for Christmas dinners and lunches begin. A time of the year marked by gatherings with family and friends where we toast to all the good things. For these dates there is nothing better than a good wine, like Quitapenas wines.

For this reason, from Bodegas Quitapenas, we want to be part of your festivities and be present at the lunches and dinners of these holidays.

Today we bring you a selection of Quitapenas wines that cannot be missing this Christmas and that will perfectly accompany lunch and dinner.

Vermouth Quitapenas, a quality aperitif.

A classic at Christmas dinners could not be missing from our recommendations. There is no better companion for your starters, tapas or olives than Quitapenas Vermouth, the quintessential aperitif wine.

Made with one of our best Pedro Ximénez wines, it achieves an aromatized liqueur wine of unparalleled quality, different, elegant and with great personality. It undergoes an oxidative aging of 12 months in American oak casks.

The Vermouth Quitapenas is a perfect aperitif wine to receive your guests this Christmas.

Enoturismo Málaga Bodegas Quitapenas Tapeo

Málaga Dulce, a totally versatile wine.

Another option for Christmas dinners and meals is our Málaga Dulce wine. A wine of exceptional quality that can be used both as an aperitif wine and as a dessert wine. Despite its well-deserved fame as a dessert wine, it pairs perfectly with puff pastry, strong or blue cheeses, even as a base for making Pedro Ximenez reductions. For this reason it is a very versatile wine that cannot be missing this Christmas.

It is made with 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes from the north of Malaga. Made by assembling a selection of several high-quality natural sweet wines. Finally, it is oxidatively aged in American oak casks for 12 months.

vino Málaga dulce

Pajarete Quitapenas Wine, the brooch of Christmas.

Pajarete wine is perfect to close Christmas lunches and dinners. Despite being able to be used as a finishing touch to meals, its semi-sweet touch pairs perfectly with rice or sausages. Pajarete wine is a semi-sweet liqueur wine from Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel de Alejandría and has received numerous awards.

Made with a selection of sweet wines of both varieties already mentioned. After its assembly and without the addition of syrup, it undergoes an oxidative aging in American oak casks for more than 36 months.

The award-winning Pajarete Quitapenas wine is the perfect finishing touch for those special moments that Christmas brings.

vino Pajarete

Undoubtedly, our Quitapenas wine recommendations for this Christmas will not leave any guest indifferent, delighting them with the best Malaga wines.

For any questions or for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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