Vermouth Quitapenas


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Tipo de Vino: Vermut. 12 meses de crianza. Vino de licor aromatizado.

Grape Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez

Baume: 15% Vol. 7º Baumé. 150 gr/l reducing sugars.

Tasting notes

Visual Phase

Dark mahogany, clean and bright.

Olfactory Phase

Aromatic herbs, orange peel, carob, eucalyptus, balsamic, spices.

Taste Phase

Tasty, sweet, bitter.

Perfect balance between acidity, sweetness and bitterness.

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Elaboration (Vinification)

We have made our Vermouth Quitapenas with one of our best wines Pedro Ximénez, getting a high quality vermouth, different, elegant, with personality, so that not only drink but also live the moments quitapenas.

With double oxidative aging in American oak barrels for a total of 12 months.

The first 6 months of aging are like sweet wine Pedro Ximénez. Meanwhile, and during 2 months, we proceed to macerate in a hydroalcoholic solution, a careful selection of bitter vegetable substances of the genus artemisia, whose recipe has passed from generation to generation, among which we highlight:

  • Plants: Melissa, sage, hyssop.
  • Flowers: Chamomile, elderflower, cloves, hops.
  • Fruits: Star anise, fennel, coriander, orange peel, carob beans.
  • Roots: Cinnamon, turmeric.

Once we extract the herbal extract, we assemble it with the Pedro Ximénez base wine, and it goes through its refining phase for integration, already as vermouth, another 6 months in American oak barrels.



Ideal for combining with appetizers or tapas. With all kinds of olives and pickles, pickled mussels, cheeses, sausages, nuts, chocolate cake. It is the quintessential appetizer, vermouth time.

Additional information
Weight N/D
Type of wine


Alcoholic grade

15% Vol


7th Baumé


6 bottles of 75 cl