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Oro Viejo and Quita clearly Dorado, two new international awards

Two new awards in the international Vinduero wine competition

Last August, the largest International Wine Festival of Spain and Portugal was held. The Vinduero-VinDouro awards have had the participation of more than 900 wines from all Spanish and Portuguese regions with the aim of making consumers aware of the best wines produced in Spain and Portugal.

As representatives of our winery, we register our Muscat Remover Gold, which has a long history of awards over the last few years as well as our exceptional Old Gold Trasañejo, to participate in the "Generous Wines" category.

As a result of the effort, dedication and affection with which we make all our wines, we have once again obtained a gratifying reward by obtaining two new medals. One to our Oro Viejo Trasañejo who obtained a score of 90.63 points out of 100 positioning it among the 10 best fortified wines in the contest, achieving the gold medal in the contest. And another to our Golden Barely There, who obtained 89.38 points also positioning itself among the 15 best fortified wines in the contest, achieving the silver medal of the Vinduero-Vindouro awards.

Our Oro Viejo is a sweet liqueur wine, with Denomination of Origin Malaga, which we give 5 years of aging in American oak barrels. The grape variety we use is an 85% from Pedro Ximénez and a 15% from Moscatel de Alejandría. It is a wine with an intense roasted aroma, aged wood, sweet and very tasty. It pairs perfectly with chocolates, sweet desserts, fruits, strong cheeses, positioning it as the dessert wine par excellence.

On the other hand, our Quita recently Dorado is a liquor wine, with Denomination of Origin Malaga, made with grapes dehydrated in the sun for 10 to 12 days, to achieve a higher concentration of natural sugars in the Moscatel de Alejandría grape from the Axarquía in Malaga. and obtain a dense, smooth, intense, fresh and mineral wine, with a very good balance of acidity and intense aromas of raisined muscat grape. This delicious Quitaierda Dorado wine pairs perfectly with cured and intense cheeses, cakes, puff pastries, fresh fruits, being once again one of the most awarded wines of the Quitauelve Wines.

If you want to get one of these two oenological jewels, get in touch with us. What are you waiting for?

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