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Quitapenas Taverns: Cheering since 1880
Enjoy the authentic gastronomy of Malaga, in the best company

Quitapenas Sánchez Pastor

Calle Sanchez Pastor, 2, 29015 Malaga

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In the Quitapenas tavern on Sánchez Pastor street you will enjoy authentic traditional cuisine from Malaga and our best wines. Located in one of the most traditional streets of Malaga for good food, we recommend that you start your Malaga gastronomic journey with some aubergines with cane syrup and mussels with vermouth.

We select daily the freshest seafood and fish from the main fish markets in Malaga. You also have at your disposal the renowned fried Malaga, highlighting the anchovies, pink or squid. All these dishes are perfectly paired with our white wine Vegasol.

As not everything in Malaga is fish, we also offer you a careful selection of first class meats such as sirloin or Iberian prey.

And all these dishes, perfectly paired with our white, red or sparkling wines. And to close, don't forget our sweet wines.

With all this Malaga's gastronomy, with a careful quality and elaboration, you will surely repeat.

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