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Box of 25 bottles Málaga Dulce


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Type of Wine: Liquor Wine. 12 months of aging. Denomination of Origin Malaga.

Grape Variety: 100% Pedro Ximénez

Alcoholic degree/ Baume: 15% Vol. 9º Baumé. 190 gr/l reducing sugars.

Tasting notes

Visual Phase

Dark mahogany with iodine reflections. Clean and bright.

Olfactory Phase

Toffee, raisins, dried figs. Secondary aromas: wood, spices, balsamic, roast.

Taste Phase

Sweet, smooth, glyceric, balanced.

Elaboration (Vinification)

Pedro Ximénez liqueur wine. DO Malaga.

Sweet wine of exceptional quality. Made with 100% Pedro Ximénez grapes from the north of Malaga. It is made by assembling a selection of several high quality natural sweet wines and subsequent oxidative aging in American oak casks for 12 months.


It has the well-deserved reputation of dessert wine, although it pairs perfectly with puff pastry, strong or slightly spicy blue cheeses, dark chocolate, sponge cakes, creamy ice cream, puff pastry or as a base for the preparation of Pedro Ximénez reductions. Consequently, it is a versatile wine to enjoy as an aperitif or as a dessert.

Weight 1 kg
Type of wine

Pedro Ximénez sweet wine

Alcoholic grade

15% Vol


9th Baumé


Box of 25 bottles of 18.7 cl

Biberón Málaga DulceBox of 25 bottles Málaga Dulce
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