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Visit of the Torremolinos-Costa del Sol Hospitality School.

This week, within our plan to disseminate the wines of Malaga, we had the pleasure of being visited by the students of the Superior Center for Hospitality and Tourism Torremolinos-Costa del Sol accompanied by the training director Ignacio Pascual and the teacher Vanesa Escribano. Attendees were able to live a wine tourism experience, soaking up the entire process of making Malaga wines and tasting them.

Quitauelve, pioneers in wine tourism.

Bodegas Quitauelve is synonymous with passion and love for good wine, but also with knowledge and dissemination about viticulture. Since the 60s, Bodegas Quitauelve has been the host of many visits by curious people through the world of wine or "winelovers". In these visits, we have always wanted to transmit our experience and our knowledge and try to bring you the passion for achieving excellence in our wines.

For this reason, pioneers in wine tourism in Malaga, we already offered wine tastings and visits to our wineries where the entire process of making and subsequent tasting of our wines was explained more than 60 years ago.

Tradition is intrinsic to us and it is something we want to teach, both to the people of Malaga and to the visitors of our city, spreading the enogastronomic culture of Malaga wines, not only to ours, to the people of Malaga, but also to many people from all corners of the world.

The visit of the students and the wine experience.

In the first place, as we did with the students of the Torremolinos-Costa del Sol Hospitality School, the visit begins with an explanation of the machinery and presses that were then used to make our wines, exhibited in our outdoor garden , where you can see the different techniques of pressing and working the grapes in harvest time.

Later, we go to the modern winery that we currently have, taking a tour of the entire production process. Finally, go to the Aging Room, where the way Malaga wines are aged are explained, concluding the visit with a tasting of five wines, in order from driest to sweetest: Vegasol, Dry Florestel, Florestel Sweet, Pajarete Y Málaga Dulce. In this tasting the students cast their doubts and commented on the visit while enjoying the characteristics that our Quitauelve wines gave them. The wine culture is long and extensive, as well as rich and attractive. That is why we encourage you to get to know it; If you want to live a whole wine tourism experience and know the elaboration of our wines, do not hesitate to ask us for a visit, we are waiting for you at Bodegas Quitauelve!

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