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Visita y tapeo en Bodegas Quitapenas

LOCATION: Bodegas Quitapenas – Malaga

ADDRESS: Carretera de Guadalmar, 12, 29004 Malaga

APPROXIMATE TIME: 2 hours approximately. Check availability at

IDIOM: Spanish

PRICE: Adults €40 (VAT included)


  • Guided visit to the Viñeros Room and the Crianza Room.
    Explanatory tasting of 4 wines.
  • Strong tapas: Glass of Andalusian gazpacho or stew depending on the season, small paella casserole + Russian salad with tuna belly + tapa of anchovies in vinegar + Spanish tortilla, cured cheese, Serrano ham, Iberian chorizo, Iberian sausage, potato chips and Aloreña olives.
  • Dessert availability. Consult conditions and reservation through the contact form or at

Enjoy the moment, the Quitapenas experience, the history, the route, the particularities, and then, a tapas to end your experience.

The guided tour begins through the history of our wines, where you will discover all the characteristics of the oldest winery in Malaga, as well as the different machinery that was used to make, transfer and fill our wines with the exhibition of old machinery and tools of the labor and through large murals representing different episodes in the history of the wine of Malaga. You will get to know the different production areas of the Málaga and Sierras de Málaga Denomination of Origin, as well as the different aging systems used in the winery's wines.

After the explanation, there is an explanatory tasting of 4 self-made wines, to finish with a forceful tapas.

Reserve from 30 people. Check conditions and availability at

Please, send us the following form to book the visit >

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