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Pajarete wine, the great oenological jewel of Malaga.

Pajarete wine is unique and very popular in the province of Malaga. This wine is perfect to take as an aperitif, as well as to accompany foie gras, migas, nuts, rice, strong and cured cheeses ... In general, we can say that it is a very versatile Malaga wine to accompany our most important moments.

A look to the past.

In order to seek the highest quality in the elaboration of our Pajarete, we have decided to carry out the same elaboration with which it was made yesteryear in our cellar, thus creating an exceptional and distinguished wine, a liqueur wine without equal.

Our Pajarete wine is made from a blend of the best wines from our winery from Pedro Ximénez grape and Moscatel de Alejandría grape. For this reason, during the harvest of 2017 we selected these grape varieties in order to produce the best musts, giving rise to high quality natural sweet wines, becoming authentic oenological jewels.

Vino Pajarete, vino de málaga con aperitivos a su alrededor

What is a Pajarete wine?

As we have said before, Pajarete is a unique and very popular wine in the province of Malaga. A) Yes, the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin "Málaga" defines Pajarete as a liqueur wine whose sugar content ranges between 45g / liter and 140g / liter. Pajarete wine must be aged for at least two years, must not have added syrup and must be golden to dark amber in color.

Continuing with the technicalities, syrup is a grape must that is reduced to a water bath or direct fire. In this way, the older the syrup and the aging, the darker the wines.

At Bodegas Quita we have barely been making Malaga wines for 140 years with the passion and experience that characterize us. This is why our Pajarete could not be less than of extraordinary quality! Remember that you can buy the Quitarero Pajarete in our Online store!



7 thoughts on “El vino Pajarete, la gran joya enológica de Málaga.”

    1. Bodegas Quitauelve

      Good afternoon Vicky. Thank you very much for contacting. At the moment we do not have distribution of our Pajarete Quitauelve wine in Valencia, but all our products can be purchased through our online store in an easy and comfortable way and we will send it to your home directly in 3-4 business days. Also, if your purchase is over € 50, you have free shipping!
      Greetings and I hope you enjoy many quitapenas moments.

    1. Buenas tardes. Thank you very much for contacting. In Malaga you can find it directly in our winery (please, check opening hours in the store), in specialized stores and wine bars, as well as on our website where we can send it to the place indicated. Greetings and happy day!

    1. Bodegas Quitauelve

      Hi carmen. We send it to any point in mainland Spain. You just have to place your order online. In addition, for purchases over 50 euros, shipping is included. Happy day and thanks for contacting.

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