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Wine tourism activity in Malaga: Create your own wine.

Do you like wine and the world of wine tourism?, Do you want to become a winemaker for a day? Well this is your chance.

If you like wine and wine tourism in MalagaAt Bodegas Quitapenas, we have prepared a perfect wine tourism activity in Malaga for you.

At Bodegas Quitapenas we offer many activities that promote the world of wine tourism in Malaga. They are perfect for people who like this product and want to get a little closer to their world and culture.

Today we present you the activity that we carry out in our wineries in Malaga and which consists of creating your own wine. Yes, yes, you yourself will be the one who creates a wine in our cellars that you can make, taste and even take home.

Activity “create your own wine” It is not limited only to the elaboration of one's own wine, but it will be preceded by a visit to our winery and explanations about the elaboration of wines in Malaga.

enoturismo en Málaga

The activity will begin with a tour of the history of Quitapenas, its origins and everything that has happened to this day. After that, we will be able to discover the different techniques used in the elaboration of our wines.

Once the history of our wineries and the techniques we use are known, we will move on to the main course of the activity, the elaboration of our own wine. We will learn to make a coupage (mixture of different types of already fermented wines), based on monovarietal wines.

In this activity we will be accompanied by a winemaker from Bodegas Quitapenas who will guide us at all times in the production of traditional wines. These traditional wines from Málaga are difficult to make and are very traditional, which is why an oenologist guides us in their production. The wines will be made from a blend of Pedro Ximénez and Moscatel wines, as well as arrope.

Once we have made our own wine, we will learn about the bottling process. We will also bottle our own wine! Your wine will be bottled so you can enjoy it at home.

This wine tourism event in Malaga takes place at Bodegas Quitapenas and lasts approximately 2 hours.

It is only suitable for a minimum of 6 adults and does not require prior knowledge.

It is only done under booking, but at Bodegas Quitapenas we always adapt to your schedule.

If you want to know more about this or another wine tourism activity in Malaga, Ask us!

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