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The Suarez family have always been connected to the Malaga wine trade ever since 1670. However it was in 1825 when Ramon Suarez and his wife Maria Aguilar inherited vineyards in the village of Cútar which is located in the Axarquia region. In Cutar the Suarez family specialized in the growing of grapes and the processing of wine and the sunbaking of raisins.

In 1870 Ramon Suarez left the vineyards in his will to his brothers while his nephew Francisco Suarez Pineda was appointed the cellar master. In 1878 the terrible Phylloxera vine plague hit the Axarquia grape growing district and the family decided to move to the Valley of the Vines  in Miraflores del Palo in Malaga. La Huertecilla was the name of the vineyard and the winery was officially established in 1880.

The Bodega soon became very popular as a favourite stopping off place for the large number of mule drivers that came into Malaga. This tradition lasted for generations with mule packers who used to come in from all over the country around Malaga. The Bodega became known as "quita penas" or a winery that always took away the sorrows of the muleteers thanks to its delicious Malaga wines !

Jose Suarez Villalba inherited the family Bodegas a few years later and transferred the winery to the Avenida Juan Sebastian Elcano, where the grapes were pressed and the Malaga wines were aged. The first Malaga wines that were produced there were under the Moscatel Extra, Quitapenas, Montes de Malaga and Malaga Lagrima labels.

In 1940 Jose's sons Francisco, Jose and Maximino Suarez Tijeras took over the responsability of the day to day organization of the Bodega that included both the bottling of the Malaga wines and the production. Bodegas Quitapenas opened numerous wine bars both in Malaga and along the coast in response to the enormous tourist boom at the time. With this tremendous growth in the Malaga wine trade, the company extended the production capacity. Moreover the winery became a full member of the Consejo Regulador Control Board of Malaga.

Nowadays Bodegas Quitapenas has fully adapted to modern times with new technology to satisfy the needs of the most demanding of new markets. Finally in 2004 the company decided to move to new considerably larger premises in Guadalmar on the outskirts of Malaga.

Thousands of visitors come and see for themselves that today Bodegas Quitapenas can boast of being a truly beautiful winery that has always managed to keep pace with modern times.

The Bodega has also made a great name for itself organizing banquets, weddings and company meetings within a really wonderful Malaga wine setting. Meanwhile the Bodegas Quitapenas tapa bars continue to flourish thanks to their warm hospitality and typical Malagueño atmosphere !

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